Southcross Energy Partners Issues 2020 Corporate Sustainability Report

Southcross Energy

HOUSTON –  Southcross Energy Partners LLC, a provider of midstream services in South Texas, today announced the release of its first Corporate Sustainability Report. The company’s “2020 Corporate Sustainability Report: A responsible foundation for the future” provides detail on the company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance and includes specific metrics in each category in a template created by the Energy Infrastructure Council in collaboration with GPA Midstream and released in late 2020. The report also incorporates new company policies including its ESG Policy, Socially Responsible Investment Policy, Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy, and Code of Business Ethics.

“Southcross is guided by our corporate Mission, Vision and Values and deeply committed to operating in a responsible and sustainable way. We challenge ourselves to perform at the highest level,” said Southcross CEO Pat Giroir. “We have a strong belief that sound ESG practices are integral to building a resilient business and creating long-term value for all our stakeholders, including our investors, customers, employees, contractors, the communities where we work, and the public at large. I am incredibly proud of our entire team’s focus on creating a sustainable company with a deep commitment to excellence and discipline.”

Report Highlights

The report contains multiple examples of Southcross’ efforts to protect the environment and reduce its carbon footprint. These include carbon capture; the use of solar energy; emission reduction; erosion reduction; and pipeline leak detection, reporting and repair systems.

“At Southcross there is no more important priority than the safety and wellness of our workforce and the communities where we operate,” said Southcross Director of HSE & Regulatory Bill Grygar. The Corporate Sustainability Report contains a discussion of the company’s response to COVID 19 and the steps Southcross takes to ensure safety at its facilities, including Stop Work Authority, regulatory compliance, maintenance and inspection programs, and participation in the Texas Call Before You Dig program. The social section of the report also contains material on Southcross Energy’s community engagement efforts.

The governance section of the report includes an overview of the company’s new leadership team and board of managers as well as its efforts to establish new policies and procedures that conform with the company culture of excellence and company-wide discipline. These include right-sizing the delegation of authority, proper accounting and procurement systems, and cybersecurity. The report also emphasizes the company’s commitment to diversity. In 2020, 18.26% of Southcross employees were female and 39.42% were from a minority group.

“2020 was pivotal in the evolution of our company and our sustainability reporting,” said Giroir.  “We took an important step forward by preparing our Corporate Sustainability Report and related policies. I couldn’t be prouder to serve as Southcross Energy Partners’ chief executive.”


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