Public awareness and understanding of pipeline operations is vital to the continued safe operation of our pipelines. Our Public Awareness Program strives to help the public:

  • Understand the importance of natural gas, crude oil and other energy resources in supporting our daily lives
  • Prevent damage to pipelines
  • Recognize the signs of a release and make key stakeholders aware of the steps that should be taken in the event a pipeline related emergency occurs

Southcross Energy’s leadership team is committed to supporting the public awareness activities through our policies, employee participation, allocation of resources and funding.  These activities include:

  1. Southcross is committed to operating its pipelines in a safe and reliable manner for all persons living and/or working around our pipelines.
  2. Southcross supports the efforts of its employees to conduct their individual work-related responsibilities safely and to contribute to complying with the requirements of our Public Awareness Program as described in this, and related, written document(s).
  3. The Southcross leadership team understands the Public Awareness Program and is committed to achieving the objectives of the program as outlined in this Company Procedure.

Everyone’s ongoing support is crucial for the Public Awareness Program to achieve its objectives.

Affected Public

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Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)

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Emergency Responders

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